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(c) Nonprofit

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Copyright Association of Ireland - All
c/o Copyright House
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1. 1999 Annual Lecture
Moral Rights: The Irish Spin
     by David Vaver, 99/12/06

2. 1999 Lecture Series Papers
- The Copyright Bill 1999 - An Overview 
     by Jonathan Newman 99/05/18
- The Copyright and Related Rights Bill 1999 Part II Chapter 6 - The Exemptions
     by Helen Sheehy, 99/05/25
- The Classical Berne Rights and how these have been strengthened. New Exploitation rights such as rental and lending
     by Grace Smyth & McCann Fitzgerald, 99/05/25
- The New Law of Performers' Rights - Parts III and IV of the Copyright and Related Rights Bill 1999
    by Colm Kelly, 99/06/08



Defences to Copyright Infringement
     by Pauline Walley, 99/06/15 
     by Jonathan Newman, 99/06/22
- Computer Software 
     by Helen Sheehy, 99/06/22
- Licensing and Dispute Resolution - The Competition Act Nexux
     by Paddy Lyons, 99/07/06
- The Controller and the Patents Office 
     by Niall Rooney, 99/07/06
- Dispute Resolution Under the Copyright Bill 
     by Robert Clark, 99/07/06
- Moral Rights 
     by Jonathan Newman, 99/07/13