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2.  Canada: (d) Profits


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1. IP Resources on the Web (left frame)

2. Databases and Type Font Designs: His, Hers or Ours?
          by Jill Jarvis Tonus, 93/12


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7. Copyright C.P.U.: Creators, Proprietors & Users
Journal of Arts Management, Law & Society
Volume 30, No. 3, Fall 2000 (pending) 

6. The Compleat Multilateral Copyright and Related Agreements, Conventions, Covenants & Treaties 1998 plus Annual Updates, June 13, 1999

Of the 44 multilateral instruments listed in Multilateral II - Instruments only 2 have complete titling by section and/or subsection and none have indexes.  Compiler Press's 'Compleat Multilateral Copyright' presents all instruments in a standard WORD format with complete titling and indexes for each instrument as well as a 'meta-index' for all 44 instruments.

5. Copyright & The New World Economic Order
     Compiler Press Review #3, July 1999

4. Copyright & Libraries
     Compiler Press Review # 2, August 1998

3. Copyright & Education
     Compiler Press Review #1, May 1998

2. The Compleat Canadian Copyright Act, 1921 to 1997 plus Annual Updates
Current, Past & Proposed Provisions of the Act, October 31, 1998

At present the Canadian Copyright Act does not exist in one single piece of legislation but rather in the Revised Statutes of Canada 1985 plus 14 separate sets of amendments including Bill C-32 1997 (as passed).  Compiler Press' "Compleat Canadian Copyright' integrates all these statutory instruments in one place in a standard format including a complete index.  Furthermore, no other reference work offers the complete history of each section of the Act from 1921 to the present, including proposed amendments which were not, or have yet to be, adopted.
1. Intellectual Property in the Global Village
    Government Information in Canada, University of Saskatchewan, Spring 1995. - Law

E-mail: lesley@copyrightlaws  

1. Copyright and New Media Legal News
2. Canadian Copyright Law - Online Reference, Lesley Ellen Harris


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1. Taxation of Patents Trade-Marks and Copyrights
   by Hugues Richard, 1983
2. Court of Appeal Finds All Roads Lead to Rome
   by Hugues G. Richard, 1987
3. Copyright Infringement and Functional Objects: Effects of  New Sections 64 and 64.1 of the Copyright Act  on Interlocutory Injunction Proceedings
   by Bob H. Sotiriadis, 1990
4. Supreme Court Says Broadcast Right Doesn't Include Right to Pre-Record
   by Bob H. Sotiriadis, 1990
5. Court Rejects Copyright Infringement Action Brought Against GEORGE Luca of "Star Wars" Fame
   by Brahm G. Segal, 1991
6. Grey Marketing: An Overview of Recent Developments
   by François Grenier, 1991
7. Possibility of Arbitration of Intellectual Property Disputes  between Private Parties
   by Jacques A. Léger, 1992
8. Court Finds That "Innocent Publisher" Violated Copyright Law
   by Barry Gamache, 1992
9. Defence of Common Sources Prevails in Copyright Case
   by Brahm G. Segal, 1992
10. Quebec Court Uses Copyright Law to Interpret 
Provisions of Quebec's Cinema Act
   by Barry Gamache, 1992
11. Briefly Noted: Two Recent Judgments on Interlocutory 
Injunctions in Copyright Trade-Mark Matter
   by Diane Leduc-Campbell, 1992
12. Enforcement of Licence Agreements
    by Barry Gamache, 1993
13. Engravings and Copyright: How Does A Definition Aimed  at Fine Arts Apply to Frisbee Disks?
   by Laurent Carrière, 1994
14. Concept of Copyright Infringement in Canada
   by Hugues G. Richard, 1994
15. Correction of Clerical Errors in the Copyright Office: Comments on Section 61 of the Copyright Act
   by Laurent Carrière, 1994
16. Adherence of Canada to the Rome Revision of the Berne Convention: Some Comments on Section 71 of the Canadian Copyright Act
   by Laurent Carrière, 1994
17. Decisions Rendered by the Commission de Reconnaisance des Association d'Artistes
   by Laurent Carrière, 1994
18. The New Civil Code of Québec and Intellectual Property: Preliminary Reflections and Comments
   by Laurent Carrière, 1994
19. Quebec's Updated Civil Code Addresses IP and Related Rights
by Laurent Carrière and Brahm G. Segal, 1994
20. Compulsory Licence for the Republication of the Work of a Deceased Author: Some Comments on Section 15 of the Copyright Act
   by Laurent Carrière, 1994
21. Unlocatable Copyright Owners: Some Comments on the Licensing Scheme of Section 70.7 of the Copyright Act, 1994
   by Laurent Carrière
22. Copyright, Confidential Information and an Engineer's Duty
   by Diane Leduc-Campbell, 1994
23. Fair Dealing: Criticism, review and newspaper summaries
   by Hugues G. Richard, 1994
24. Copyright Protection for Designs Applied to Useful Articles
   by Hugues G. Richard, 1995
25. Interim Detention of Infringing Works Imported into Canada: Preliminary Views on Section 44.1 of the Copyright Act
   by Laurent Carrière, 1995
26. Court Reviews Notion of "Conversion" in Copyright Case
   by Barry Gamache, 1995
27. Implementation of "TRIPS" in Canada (Part I)
   by Diane Leduc-Campbell, 1995
28. Court Holds That Employee Can't Assign  Copyright He Never Owned
   by Barry Gamache, 1995
29. Copyright and Bankruptcy: Out of Touch and Poorly Drafted:  Some Comments on Section 83 of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act
   by Laurent Carrière, 1995
30. Choreography and Copyright: Some Comments on Choreographic Works  As Newly Defined in the Copyright Act
   by Laurent Carrière, 1995
31. Works Include Title
   by Laurent Carrière, 1995
32. Seizure
   by Diane Leduc-Campbell, 1996
33. Federal Court of Canada Rules on Copyright in Telephone Directory
  by Diane Leduc-Campbell, 1996
34. Prospective Intellectual Property in the Year 2000: A Canadian Point of View
   by Jacques A. Léger and Diane Leduc-Campbell, 1995
35. To Copy or Not to Copy: That Is the Question
   by Jacques E. Labrèche, 1996
36. But, What Can Be Copied
   by Jacques E. Labrèche, 1996
37. Who Is Responsible for My Rose?
   by Jacques E. Labrèche, 1996
38. But I Didn't Know
   by Jacques E. Labrèche, 1996
39. 3 Good Tips for Doing Business on the Internet
    by Jacques E. Labrèche, 1996
40. Proposed Major Changes to the Copyright Act
   by Jacques E. Labrèche, 1996
41. Death of Copyright
    by Jacques E. Labrèche, 1996
42. TRIPs and Its Impact on Canadian Intellectual Property Legislation
   by Louis-Pierre Gravelle, 1996
43. Implementation of TRIPS in Canada
   by Diane Leduc-Campbell and Laurent Carrière, 1997
44. Communication and the Information Highway
   by Sylvie Lafrance
45. Constitutionality of the Trade-Marks and Copyright Acts at Issue 
   by Hugues G. Richard, 1997
46. 33 Million Dollar Copyright Suit Against Southam Inc: The World Wide Web and Copyright Considerations in the Course of Employment
   by Hugues G. Richard, 1998
47. Heavy Artillery Isn't Always the Solution: Publicity Right and Copyright Action before    the Quebec Superior Court
   by Hugues G. Richard, 1998
48. A Summary of Some Distinctions Between Canadian and American Copyright Law and Practice
   by Bob H. Sotiriadis, 1998
49. Federal Court of Appeal Rules on Protection of Compilations in Canada
   by Daniel Cooper, 1998
50. The Supreme Court of Canada Considers the Right to Privacy and Freedom of Artistic Expression
   by Diane Leduc Campbell, 1998
51. Author Alone Owner of Copyright
   by Daniel Cooper, 1998
52. Seizure of Chemical Products Under Copyright Act Considered by Quebec Court
   by Diane Leduc Campbell, 1998
53. Copyright in Directories: A Recent Federal Court of Canada Decision
   by Diane Leduc Campbell, 1999
54. Similarity Between Television Series Results in Action for Copyright Infringement
   by Daniel Cooper
55. The Court of Appeal Rules on the Infringement of Copyright in the Parody of a Sitcom
   by Daniel Cooper
56. A Song and A Slogan
   by Diane Leduc Campbell, 1999
57. Joint Authorship of Songs
   by Diane Leduc Campbell, 2000
58. Heirs to Anne of Green Gables Author Have Valid Reversionary Copyright Interest, Ontario Superior Court Rules in Suit against Licensee
   by Barry Gamache, 2000
59. Decision "Tariff 22" of the Canadian Copyright Boardand Internet Law Related Issues
   by Pierre-Emmanuel Moyse, 2000
60. A Compilation of the Decisions Rendered in Canada with respect to Copyright in 1999
   by Laurent Carrière, 2000
61. Reflections on the Application of Intellectual Property Law to Business-to-Business Uses of Electronic Commerce
   by Bob H. Sotiriadis, 2000


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1. Canadian Intellectual Property Connection 
   by Glen A. Bloom, 99/05/14

Table of Contents (scroll down)
Internet Technology
     (a) The Nature of the Internet
     (b) Internet Participants
     (c) Communication Technology
     (d) Effecting Communications over the Internet
     (e) The IAP
The Internet Copyright Challenge
Hypothetical Internet Transmissions
General Copyright Principles
     (a) Copyright as Statute Law
     (b) Strict Liability
     (c) Copyright Including Neighbouring Rights, and Moral Rights
     (d) Purposes of Copyright
     (e) Applicability of U.S. Jurisprudence
     (f) The Applicability of the Berne Convention and Other Treaties
Subsistence of Copyright on the Internet
     (a) Authorship
     (b) Publication
     (c) Subsistence of Neighbouring Rights
Ownership of Copyright
Rights of Copyright Implicated by Internet Transmissions
     (a) The Reproduction Right
     (b) The Right to Communicate Works to the Public by Telecommunication
      (i) "To Communicate"
       (ii) "To the Public"
       (iii) "By Telecommunication"
       (iv) Making Available for Communication to the Public by Telecommunication
      (v) Transborder Communications
   (c) The Public Performance Right
   (d) The Authorization Right

Who Performs the Copyright Implicated Acts
   (a) The Reproduction Right
   (b) The Communication Right
   (c) The Authorization Right
Copyright Infringement
Exceptions or Defences to Infringement
   (a) Fair Dealing
  (b) The Common Carrier Exception
The Application of Private International Law to Transborder Copyright Issues

2. Research on the Internet: Is Access Copyright Infringement?
   by Glen A. Bloom and Thomas J. Denholm
     1.0 Copyright Infringement and the Internet
     2.0 Fair Dealing in Canada
     3.0 The Common Carrier Exception
     4.0 Research, Fair Dealing and the Internet
     5.0 Legislative Reform
3. Intellectual Property Law Review
- Ephemeral Recordings: Copyright and Composers' Rights
      by G. Lee Muirhead, Winter 2000
- Legal Publishers and Law Society of Canada Battle over Copyright Law
      by Benjamin Gray, Winter 2000
- Copyright: A New Frontier For Class Proceedings?
      by Deborah Glendinning, Fall 1999
- Copyright and Telephone Directories
   by Glen Bloom and Samantha Gervais, Fall 1999
- Amendments to Copyright Act: October 1, 1999
   by W. Lee Muirhead,, Fall 1999
- Copyright: A New Frontier For Class Proceedings?
   by Deborah Glendinning, Fall 1999
- Stronger Medicine for Copyright Owners
   by Marilyn Field-Marsham, Spring 1999


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1. Copyright
   What is a copyright?
   What can/cannot be protected?
   How is copyright protection acquired?
   Who owns copyright?
   Can ownership of copyright be transferred?
   Stephen King owns his words, not his books
   Is it necessary to register copyright?
   Advantages of registration
   The © notice is important
   Information we require to register copyright
   What does registration cost?
   The National Library Act


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1. Copyright


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1. Copyright Law in Canada


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1. Copyright and Information Technology
2. Copyright Law, Juris Diction


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1. Copyright (left frame)