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12. United Kingdom: (a) Academic Institutions; (b) Collectives

(a) Academic Institutions

Edinburgh Law School

Faculty of Law, Cambridge

Institute of Advanced Legal Studies   

Joint Information Systems Committee

Library Association

Library Information Technology Centre

Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre

Scottish Collaborative On-demand  Publishing Enterprise  

Teaching & Learning in Scottish Metropolitan Area Networks 

(b) Collectives

Authors Licensing & Collecting Society     

Centre for Education Mgt    

Christian Copyright Licensing 

Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd 

Educational Recording Agency  

Phonographic Performance Ltd 

Edinburgh Law School - Law
University of Edinburgh, Old College, South Bridge
Edinburgh, EH8 9YL, Scotland
Phone: 44-131-650-2006 Fax: 44-131-650-6317

1. Law and the Internet - Regulating Cyberspace
     Copyright and the Internet 
         by Hector L MacQueen 1997

Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge - Law
10 West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9DZ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1223 330033 Fax: +44 1223 330055

Legal Essays indexed by subject: Intellectual Property

13. Reverse Engineering in Japan and the Global Trend Towards Interoperability
by Rohan Mishra
E Law, Volume 4, Number 2, June 1997

12. Fixation on Fixation: Why Imposing Old Copyright Law on New Technology Will Not Work 
   by Douglas J. Masson
Indiana Law Journal, Volume 71, Number 4, Winter 1996

11. Copyright liability for the playing of 'music on hold' - Telstra Corporation Ltd v Australasian Performing Right Association Ltd 
   by William van Caenegem
High Court Review, 1996, Volume 2

10. Freeing the Law: Case Reporter Copyright and the Universal Citation System
   by James H. Wyman
Florida State Law Review, Vol. 24, No. 1, Fall 1996

9. Privileged Use: Has Judge Boudin Suggested a Viable Means of Copyright Protection for the Nonliteral Aspects of Computer Software in Lotus Development Corp. v. Borland International 
    by David M. Maiorana
The American University Law Review, Volume 46, Number 1, October 1996

8. The Externalization of Domestic Regulation: Intellectual Property Rights Reform in a Global Era 
   by Paul N. Doremus
Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies, Volume 3 Issue 2 Spring 1996

7. Graduate Students' Ownership and Attribution Rights in Intellectual Property
   by Sandip H. Patel
Indiana Law Journal, Volume 71, Number 2, Spring 1996

6. It Doesn't Fit: The Dilemma of Computer Software and Patent / Copyright Law 
   by Douglas C Derrick
E Law, Volume 3, Number 1, May 1996

5. Copyright, Communication and New Technologies 
   by William A. Van Caenegem 
Federal Law Review, Volume 23, Number 2, 1995

4. Multimedia Content and the Super Highway: Rapid Acceleration or Foot on the Brake? 
   by Michael R Egger, Fred Greguras and Sandy Wong
E Law, Volume 2, Number 2, July 1995

3. National and International Copyright Liability for Electronic System Operators
   by Charles J. Meyer
Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies, Volume 2 Issue 2 Spring 1995

2. Milpurrurru & Ors v Indofurn & Ors: Protecting Expressions of Aboriginal Folklore Under Copyright Law 
   by Michael Blakeney
E Law, Volume 2, Number 1, April 1995

1. Computer Technology and Legal Discourse: The Potential for Modern Communication
Technology to Challenge Legal Discourses of Authorship and Property 
   by Debora Halbert
E Law, Volume 1, Number 2, May 1994

Institute of Advanced Legal Studies - Law
Charles Clore House, 17 Russell Square, London WC1B 5DR
Phone: 44-0-20-7637-1731 Fax: 44-0-20-7580-9613

1. Copyright Law

Joint Information Systems Committee - All
Northavon House, Coldharbour Lane, Bristol, BS16 1QD
Phone: 0117-931-7403 Fax: 0117-931-7255

1. Electronic Copyright
2. Papers on Copyright Issues for the Electronic Library
3. JISC Senior Management Briefing Paper 5: Copyright
4. JISC/TLTP Copyright Guidelines

Library Association - All
7 Ridgmount Street, London WC1E 7AE
Phone: 44-20-7255-0500 Fax: 44-20-7255-0501

1. Library Association Copyright Alliance
2. Amended Proposal for a Directive on Copyright and Related Rights in the Information Society: COM(99)250
3. Copyright and the Digital Environment
4. Copyright and Ordnance Survey: Local Authority Service Level Agreement
5. Response to Green Paper on Crown Copyright
6. The Proposed European Council Directive on the harmonisation of certain aspects of Copyright and Related Rights in the Information Society
7. Proposal for a Directive on Copyright and Related Rights 
in the Information Society COM(97)628

Library Information Technology Centre - All
South Bank University
103 BoroughRd, London, SE1 OAA
Phone: 44-020-7815-7872 Fax: 44-020-7815-7050

1. Technologies to Support Copyright Management (scroll down)
     Electronic Copyright Management System Report 
     Report status
     Project Proposal

Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre - All
St. Peter's College, Oxford OX1 2DL, U.K.
Director: David Vaver
Phone : 01865-278919 Fax: 01865-278855 
E-mail :

Aims and Activities


Seminars & Lectures

Oxford Electronic Journal of Intellectual Property Rights

20. Intangible assets and the market valuation of UK companies: evidence from fixed effects models"
    by Derek Bosworth, Alex Wharton & Christine Greenhalgh, 00/02
19.  I & II
I. The enforcement of copyright and related rights under the TRIPS agreement" 
     by David Vaver, 00/04
II. The dispute settlement procedure under the TRIPS agreement
     by David Vaver, 00/04
18. Indigenous medical knowledge: the law and politics of protection 
     by Gerald Bodeker, 00/02
17. The Globalisation of Regulation
     by Peter Drahos & John Braithwaite, 00/01
16. Is cultural or traditional knowledge a form of Intellectual Property?
     by Kamal Puri, 00/01
15. Technological Activity and Employment in a Panel of UK Firms 
     by Christine Greenhalgh, Mark Longland & Derek Bosworth,99/11
14. Touring the Certainties of Property and Restitution : A Journey to Copyright and Parody 
     by Wendy J. Gordon, 99/11
13. Intangible Assets and the Market Valuation of UK companies: Evidence from fixed effects models 
     by Derek Bosworth,Alex Wharton & Christine Greenhalgh, 99/11
12. Intellectual Property in the Dreamtime - Protecting the Cultural Creativity of Indigenous Peoples 
     by Michael Blakeney, 99/11
11.  The European Patent System : Implementing Patent Law Harmonisation 
     by Robert Pitkethly, 99/11
10. The Future of Intellectual Property Law: Japanese and European Perspectives Compared 
     by David Vaver, 99/08
9. Introduction to Issues of Current Concern in European Intellectual Property law 
     by David Vaver, 99/08
8. The Introduction of Pharmaceutical Product Patents in India: "Heartless Exploitation of the Poor and Suffering
    by Jean Lanjouw, 99/08
7. Recent Copyright Developments in Europe 
     by David Vaver,99/06
6. The Valuation of Patents : A review of patent valuation methods with consideration of option based methods and the potential for further research 
    by Robert Pitkethly, 99/06
5. The Patent Paradox Revisited: The Determinants of Patenting in the US Semiconductor Industry, 1980-1994 
    by Bronwyn Hall & Rose Marie Ham, 99/03
4. The Public and Private Domains: Intellectual Property Rights in Traditional Ecological Knowledge 
    by Graham Dutfield, 99/03
3. Venturing into Intellectual Property Jointly and Confidentially 
    by David Vaver, 98/12
2. Internationalizing Copyright Law: Implementing the WIPO Treaties 
    by David Vaver, 98/11
1. Intellectual Property : Where's the world going? 
   by David Vaver, 99/01


Project Acorn - Media Arts
Orphan Website of project funded by 
former UK Higher Education Funding Councils

1. Reports & Documentation (left frame, center)
      Overview of a model Electronic Short Loan Collection
      Short Loan Collection and Academic Staff Surveys
       Technical Documentation
       Copyright Clearance
       Acorn Seminars
       Dissemination Activities
2. Copyright Management (left frame, bottom)
     CLEAR - the Project Acorn copyright management system
     Copyright Permissions information flows diagram
     Last Copyright Permissions Progress Report (1997)
     Previous Copyright Permissions Progress Reports
     Manual of procedures on gaining electronic  copyright clearance 
        for journal articles,
            by Elizabeth Gadd &Adrienne Muir, 98/03

3. Copyright Links

Scottish Collaborative On-demand Publishing Enterprise (SCOPE) - Media Arts
Project of the Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib) of  the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), Orphan Site

1. Copyright Clearance
2. SCOPE Electronic Copyright Management System (Cactus)

Teaching & Learning in Scottish Metropolitan Area Networks
 (Talisman) - All Orphaned Website
Project of: The Scottish Higher Education Funding Council
Donaldson House, 97 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh, EH12 5HD
Phone: 0131-313-6500 Fax : 0131-313-6501

Online Reports (scroll down)
1. Copyright & The Web
2. Copyright and the Web: On-line Resources


Authors Licensing & Collecting Society (ALCS) - Literary Arts
Marlborough Court, 14-18 Holborn, London EC1N 2LE.
Phone: 44-0-20-7395-0600, Fax: 44-0-20-7395-0660

1. Copyright
2. Electronic Rights
3. Guidelines for Writers in Electronic Publishing and Multimedia
4. Fair Dealing
5. Rights Defined
     Lending Right
     Off-air Recording Right
     Private Recording Right
     Rental Right
    Reprographic Right
6. Collection (links to)
     Educational Recording
     Cable Re-Transmission
11. Project Documents (PDF files)

Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) - All
Chantry House, 22 Upperton Road, Eastbourne, BN21 1BF
Phone: 01323-417711 Fax: 01323-417722

1. Church Copyright Licence
2. The Collective Worship Copyright Licence
3. Copyright Laws

Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd (CLA) - All
90 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1P 0LP, United Kingdom
Phone: 44-0-20-7631-5555 Fax: 44-0-20-7631-5500

1. Copyright Information
2. Copying for Research and Private Study in the UK - Fair Dealing and the Library Privilege
3. Copyright and the Internet
4. Reproduction Rights Organisations (RROs)
5. Digitisation and Electronic Copying
6. Copyright Concerns
7. Copyright and your own work
8. Customer Support
9. CLARCS - The CLA's Rapid Clearance Service
10. List of Participating Publishers (USA)
11. Guidelines for existing Higher Education users of the CLA Licence
12. Business Rate Card
13. Further Education User Guidelines
14. Digitisation of Text
15. Excluded Works
16. New Schools Photocopying Licence
17. Existing Higher Education Accord
18. Using the CLA Rapid Clearance Service (CLARCS) in Universities and Colleges
19. Extension to CLA Educational Licences to Enable Use of Enlarged Photocopies for Partially Sighted Students
20. Existing Further Education Accord
21. Photocopying of Artistic Works
22. Copywatch: Help Stop Illegal Copying

Centre for Education Management Limited (CEM)- All
Red Lion House, 9-10 High Street
High Wycombe, HP11 2AZ
Phone: 01494 459183 Fax: 01494 474480

1. Copyright (left frame)
     Copyright Licensing for Schools

Educational Recording Agency (ERA) - MA
New Premier House, 150 Southampton Row, London WC1B 5AL.
Phone: 020 7837 3222 Fax: 020 7837 3750

1. Copyright
2. The Use of Recorded Material
3. The ERA Licence
4. Legal Background

Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL) - MA
1 Upper St James St., London, W1R 3HG
Phone: 0171-534-1000 Fax: 0171-534-1111

About PPL (left frame)