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11. South Africa: (a) Academic Institutions; (d) Profit; (e) Public

(a) Academic Institutions

University of Capetown

(d) Profit

Adams & Adams

Bowman Gilfillian Hayman Godfrey

Butterworth's Direct

John & Kernick

Spoor & Fisher

Unwembi's Resources

Webber Wentzel Bowens

(e) Public

 Department of Trade and Industry

Parliament of South Africa

South Africa Government On-Line

University of Capetown - All
Private Bag, Rondebosch, 7701, RSA
Phone: (+27 21) 650-9111Fax: (+27 21) 650-2138 / 4040

Monday Paper, Dept. of Communication
1. Office helps academics navigate  copyright clampdown, Monday Paper, Vol. 16, No.19
2. Copyright breach: two dismissed, Monday Paper, Vol. 16, No.27

(c) Nonprofit

South African Institute for Intellectual Property Law - Law
P O Box 4685, Pretoria 0001
Phone:(012)362-1729 Fax:(012)362-0969

Unreported Intellectual Property Judgements
1. Accesso v Allforms (5 October 1998)
Judgment submitted by Spoor & Fisher
2. Mixtec cc v Fluid Mixing (October 1998)
Judgment submitted by Adams & Adams
3. Pyromet v Bateman (25 November 1998)
Judgment submitted by Adams & Adams


Adams & Adams - Law
PO Box 1014, Pretoria 0001
Phone: (012) 481 1500 Fax: (012) 362 6440

Resource Library (click 'Copyright')
1. Copyright (choose among)
     Statutory History
     Works eligible for copyright
     No registration of copyright
     Application of the Act to works made before the commencement of the Act
2. Registration of Copyright in Cinematograph Films (choose among)
     What is a Cinematograph Film?
     Purpose of Registration
     Benefits of Registration
     Who may apply to register the Copyright in a Cinematographic Film

Bowman Gilfillian Hayman Godfrey - Law
A Lawyer's Guide to South Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa

1. Chapter VIII: Intellectual Property (scroll down)

Butterworth's Direct - Law
Managing Director: Billy Last
Phone: (031) 268 3253 Fax: (031) 29 8686

Subject Index (left frame)
1. The All South African Law Reports (scroll down to Copyright)
2. Table of Statutes (left frame)
     South Africa (Acts of Parliament "c" then scroll down to Copyright)
     Metro Goldwyn-Mayer Incorporated and others v Ackerman and another
     [1996] 1 All SA 584 (SE)

John & Kernick - Law
Kernick House, Howick Close
Waterfall Park, Midrand, 1685
Phone: +27 315 7400 Fax: +27 315 7444

1. Copyright - Questions & Answers
     What is copyright ?
    What is protected by copyright ?
     How does copyright come into existence ?
     Who owns the copyright ?
     How long does copyright last ?
     How is copyright enforced ?
     Which acts do not infringe copyright ?
     How is it known that copyright exists ?

Spoor & Fisher - Law
PO Box 454, Pretoria, 0001
Phone:  +27 12 673 1111 Fax: +27 12 673 1100

Search: Copyright
1. The Interplay between Copyright and Design Protection
     by Owen Dean
2. What kind of protection do you need? (scroll down to 'Copyright')
     by Charles E. Webster
3. Copyright - Parallel importation of artistic works
     by Charles E. Webster
4. Copyright in Cinematograph films
     by Owen Dean
5. Legal Implications of the Internet: 6. Copyright
     by Charles E. Webster
6. Copyright Law - A weapon against Parallel Importation
     by Charles E. Webster
7. Copyright
     by Charles E. Webster
8. Copyright v Grey Goods in South Africa, Australia and Singapore
     by Owen Dean
9. Sound Recordings - Introduction of blank tape levy
     by Owen Dean
10.Protection of the Author's moral rights in South Africa
     by Owen Dean
11. Sound recordings in South Africa
     by Owen Dean
12. Protection of Computer programs by Copyright in South Africa
     by Charles E. Webster

Unwembi's Resources of South African Government Information - All
Unwembi Communications
51 Wale Street, Cape Town
P O Box 16469, Vlaeberg 8018
Phone: (021) 426 2740 Fax: (021) 426 2774

1. Hoexter Commission Report 3 Vol 1 Book 1
     Recommendation to establish  A Specialist Court for Intellectual Property Law Matters
2. Discussion Paper on Electronic Commerce Policy
    Department of Communications, Republic of South Africa 99/07

Webber Wentzel Bowens - Law
PO Box 61771, Marshalltown, 2107
Phone: +27 11 240 5000 Fax: +27 11 240 5111

Publications (left frame)
      Intellectual Property
1. ... And now for a word from our sponsors 99/08/17
2. Copyright and the Internet: A South African Perspective 99/08
3. Copyright and New Technology 96/03


Department of Trade and Industry - All
Mail: Private Bag X84, Pretoria, 0001
Physical Location: House of Trade and Industry, 
Cnr. Prinsloo and Pretorius Streets
Pretoria, 0002

Trademarks, Patents, Designs & Copyright Directorate
Director: Mr. J. Peijper
Private Bag X84, Pretoria, 0001
Phone: +27 12 310-8700 Fax: +27 12 323-4257
(no website)

Parliament of South Africa - Law
P O Box 15, Parliament Building, Parliament Street, Cape Town, 8000
Secretary to Parliament: Mr Sindiso Mfenyana
Phone:  (021) 403 2240 Fax: (021) 403 2604

1. Intellectual Property Laws Rationalisation Bill [B78F-96], 1997
     Part VI: Copyright (scroll down)

South Africa Government On-line - Law
Private Bag X745, Pretoria, 0001
Phone: +27 12 314 2105 Fax: +27 12 323 3831

1. Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Bill, 1997 (scroll down)
      Amendments to Copyright Act, Sections 50 - 58
2. Counterfeit Goods Bill