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10. Singapore: (a) Academic Institutions; (d) Profit; (e) Public

(a) Academic Institutions

Center for International Legal Studies

(d) Profit

Ella Cheong & G Mirandah

Khattar Wong & Partners

The Straits Times Interactive

(e) Public

Intellectual Property Office

Center for International Legal Studies - Law
P.O. Box 19, 5033 Salzburg, Austria
Phone: (43 662) 835 399 Fax: (43 662) 835 171

1. International Business and Investment Guide
    Dennis Campbell, Editor
                by Colin Ng & Partners (scroll down to Copyright)


Ella Cheong & G Mirandah - Law
111 North Bridge Road
#22-01 Peninsula Plaza
Singapore 179098
Tel: +65 3394040 Fax: +65 3370031

1. Singapore copyright bill aids owners 98/02/25
2. Singapore resists calls for copyright blacklisting 98/03/17
3. Registered Designs and Copyright protection in Singapore - Casenote 98/11/30
4. Singapore amends Copyright Act to deal with digital environment issues
(scroll down) 99/08/17


Khattar Wong & Partners - Law
80 Raffles Place #25-01
UOB Plaza 1
Singapore, 048624
Phone: (65) 535-6844 Fax: (65) 534-4892

1. (c) Copyright (scroll down) - All

The Challenge to Copyright in an Online World
    by Juniper Foo, 99/03/12
     Copyright vs the right to copy
     Digital dream or Net nightmare
     Policing vs privacy
     Crime and puzzlement
     Restitution or remedy


The Straits Times Interactive - All
390 Kim Seng Road, Singapore 239495

Copyright Act extended to cyberspace, new media
     by Leslie Koh, 99/08/18


Intellectual Property Office of Singapore - All
51 Bras Basah Road #04-01
Plaza By The Park, Singapore 189554
Phone: (65) 339 8616 Fax: (65) 3390252

1.  Copyright and Related Rights
     What is copyright ?
     Who can claim copyright in Singapore?
     Length of protection
     Infringement of copyright - Liabilities
     Action against importation of infringing materials
     Exceptions to copyright infringement
     Statutory Licenses for Educational Institutions and Libraries Licensing
     Requirements for Optical Discs
     Some Copyright Concerns Arising from Exploitation of Works in Cyberspace
          Liability of Network Service Providers
        Action Against Alteration of Rights Management Information

2. FAQs

3. Prof. S Jayakumar,Minister for Law and Foreign Affairs, Speech to 18th IFPI Asia/Pacific Regional Council Meeting, 99/05/07 
     (find 'copyright' references)

4. Protecting intellectual property rights in Singapore
     (find 'copyright' references)

5. Legislation Update (scroll down)
     Copyright (Amendment) Bill 1999 (scroll down)
     Copyright (Amendment) Act 1998