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1. Australia: (c) Nonprofits

(c) Nonprofits

Arts Law Centre of Australia 

Australian Copyright Council 

Australian Intellectual Property Law Locus

Australian Society of Authors

Arts Law Centre of Australia (ArtsLaw) - Law
The Gunnery, 43-51 Cowper Wharf Road, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011
Phone: 02-9356-2566 Fax: 02-9358-6475

1. Copyright Collecting Societies
2. Parallel Importation
3. Copyright Amendment 1997
4. How Incidental is Incidental?: Background use of commercial products in film

Australian Copyright Council (ACC) - All
245 Chalmers Street, Redfern NSW 2016
Phone: 61-2-9318-1788 Fax: 61-2-9698-3536
General email address:

1. Information Sheets (scroll down to PDF links)
     Artworks & copyright 6th Edition [99/4]
     Assigning & licensing rights 4th Edition [98/12]
     Australian Copyright Council, who we are, what we do 3rd Edition [99/6]
     Computer Software & Copyright 3rd Edition [00/2]
     Copying for research or study 3rd Edition [99/8]
     Copying Services 5th Edition [99/10]
     Copyright Collecting Societies 4th Edition [99/5]
     Copyright in Australia: an introduction 6th Edition [99/9]
     Copyright in Australia: information sources 5th Edition [00/3]
     Copyright Obligations: Notices on Equipment 4th Edition [99/5]
     Copyright Protection in Other Countries 4th Edition [98/12]
     Designs for Functional Articles 3rd Edition [98/7]
     Duration of copyright 3rd Edition [98/5]
     Education Institutions: Introduction to Copyright 5th Edition [99/10]
     Family Histories & Copyright 4th Edition [99/5]
     Games & copyright 4th Edition [98/5]
     Government and Copyright 2nd Edition [98/9]
     Hobby Crafts & Copyright 4th Edition [98/9]
     House plans & copyright 4th Edition [00/3]
     Ideas: legal protection 4th Edition [98/5]
     Importing copyright items 3rd Edition [00/1]
     Infringement: actions, remedies, offences and penalties 
          2nd Edition [98/9]
     Infringement: what can I do? 2nd Edition [98/5]
     Internet: copying from 2nd Edition [98/7]
     Lending items protected by copyright 2nd Edition [98/6]
     Libraries (Non-Profit): Introduction to Copyright 3rd Edition [99/5]
     Line Dancers & Copyright 4th Edition [99/5]
     Logos: Legal Protection 3rd Edition [99/7]
     Moral rights 7th Edition [99/12]
     Music & Copyright 6th Edition [99/10]
     Music: Playing Music, APRA & PPCA 4th Edition [98/8]
     Music: use by choirs, bands, music teachers & students 3rd Edition [99/10]
     Music: use by churches 6th Edition [99/10]
     Music: Use in Film and Multimedia 3rd Edition [99/5]
     Music: Use in Student Films & Home Videos 4th Edition [99/5]
     Names, Titles & Slogans: Legal Protection 4th Edition [99/3]
     Newsletters & copyright 4th Edition [99/5]
    Owners of Copyright: How to Find 4th Edition [98/11]
     Ownership of copyright 3rd Edition [98/8]
     People with a disability: using copyright material 2nd Edition
     Performers' copyright 3rd Edition [98/5]
    Photographers & copyright 7th Edition [00/8]
    Photographs: Copying Photos you Paid for 5th Edition [99/5]
    Putting on a concert, play or musical 2nd Edition [99/5]
    Quotes & extracts: copyright obligations 5th Edition [99/5]
    Recipes: legal protection 4th Edition [98/5]
    Renting items protected by copyright 2nd Edition [98/6]
    Sewing Patterns: Legal Protection 4th Edition [98/5]
    Training Materials: Legal Protection 4th Edition [99/5]
     TV programs: home-taping 3rd Edition [98/7]
     Videos & Film: Screening in Class 5th Edition [99/5]
     Videos & Films: Screening in Public 6th Edition [99/12]
     Videos: home taping 4th Edition [98/12]
     Web sites: creating & publishing on the Internet 2nd Edition [98/7]
     Writers & Copyright 8th Edition [99/8]

2. Australian & International Copyright News Services
3. Links - Australian and International
4. Submissions (scroll down)

Australian Intellectual Property Law Locus - Law

1. Copyright
Copyright Cases
     High Court of Australia
     Federal Court of Australia
Copyright Materials
     Australian Policy Documents
     Copyright Law Review Committee (CLRC) Reports
     Academic Copyright Policies
     United States Copyright Policy
     European Economic Community
     Selected Copyright Articles
Copyright Legislation
     International Instruments
     U.S. Copyright Law
Other Relevant Sites

2. The Intellectual Property Renaissance in Cyberspace: Why Copyright Law Could Be Unimportant on the Internet
   by Eric Schlachter, Berkley Technology Law Journal, Vol. 14, No. 1, Fall 1999


Australian Society of Authors (ASA) - Literary Arts
98 Pitt Street Redfern NSW 2016 PO Box 1566 Strawberry Hills NSW 2102
Phone: 02-9318-0877 Fax: 02-9318-0530

1. CAL Seminar
by Lynne Spender
2. Assigning Copyright: Should I assign my copyright in digital works?
3. Newsletter June 1998 (scroll down)
    Educational Lending Right
Newsletter #6 August 1998 (scroll down)
    Educational Lending Right
Newsletter June 1999 (scroll down)
    ELR - Educational Lending Right
Newsletter #4 1999 (scroll down)
    Digital Agenda - All

A:  COPY - Copyright, Anti-copyright
1. Copyright
     Australian Copyright Related Law
     US Copyright Law generally
2. Anti-Intellectual Property
     Anti copyright generally
3. Organizations
     Interest Groups
4. Journals
     Legal Journals
     Other Online Journals
5. Bibliography
     History and philosophy of copyright
     Literature and Copyright
     Art and Copyright
     Music and Copyright

B: Cyberlaw - communication, culture & cyberlaw index
1. Cyberlaw
Cyberlaw courses
Cyberlaw generally
2. Cyberculture
     Cyberculture courses
     Cyberculture generally
     Electronic Art
3. Hacking
4. Censorship
     Censorship in Australia
     Censorship & Free Speech generally
5. Privacy
     Misc. Law & Policy
     Encryption and PGP
6. Organizations
     Interest Groups
7. Journals
     Law & Technology Related Journals
     Hacking Related Journals
     Cybertheory Journals
8. Bibliography
     New technology issues