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Dr. Harry Hillman Chartrand, PhD

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Curriculum Vitae


Launched  1998



MBA 4001

Primer on Economics: 'X' Marks the Spot

Fall 2013

Instructor:  Dr. Harry Hillman Chartrand, PhD     

Time & Location:  
Tues. Sept. 17      9:00-12:00 HH127
Wed. Sept. 18      1:00-4:00 CR122/HH231
Thurs. Sept. 19    9:00-12:00 OH206
Fri. Sept. 20        1:00-4:00  OH206
Tues. Sept. 24      9:00-12:00 OH206
Wed. Sept. 26      Free
Thurs. Sept. 27    9:00-12:00 OH206

               Final Exam

Fri. Sept. 28         2:00-5:00 HH 231

Teaching Style: Students are expected to read relevant sections of the text before each class.  The Instructor will review engaging students in debate and discussion.

Phone: 506 648 5545



Office Hours:  Wednesday 10:00 am to 1:00pm 210 Hazen Hall

All Communication to include Student Name & Number, Course & Section



Required Text: 

Chartrand, H.H., Primer on Economics: 'X' Marks the Spot, 2nd Ed., September 2012

Evaluation: Pass/Fail

Attend all 7 Sessions

Final Examination 25 'fill-in-the-blank' questions          

Session 1: The Marginalist Revolution

Session 2: 10 Es, the Big M & O plus Goods & Bads in Economics

Session 3: Perfect Competition Ideology 100

Session 4: Imperfect Competition

Session 5: The Keynesian Revolution Ideology 101

Session 6: Fiscal & Monetary Policy

Session 7: The Central Bank & Evolving Economics of Democracy

Session 8: The Global Knowledge-Based Economy


1. No electronic devices are allowed during midterms and the final exam.   Paper dictionaries are permitted for both.   

3. Plagiarism & Academic Dishonesty will not be tolerated.