Elemental Economics

ECONOMICS 380.3 (02)

Economic History of Thought after 1870

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Chapter 2: Interlude I: The Techniques of Economic Analysis

Marginalist Revolution & the Standard Model

Austrian School

Carl Menger, 1841-1921

Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk, 1851-1914

Ludwig Edler von Mises, 1881-1973

Cambridge School

William Stanley Jevons, 1835-1882

Alfred Marshall, 1842-1924

      Principles of Economics, [1st Ed. 1890], 8th Ed. 1920, Library of Economics & Liberty.org

Appendices.  (scroll down)

Appendix A The Growth of Free Industry and Enterprise

Appendix B The Growth of Economic Science

Appendix C The Scope and Method of Economics

Appendix D Uses of Abstract Reasoning in Economics

Appendix E Definitions of Capital. 

Appendix F Barter. 

Appendix G The Incidence of Local Rates, With Some Suggestions As To Policy. 

Appendix H Limitations of the Use of Statical Assumptions in Regard To Increasing Return. 

Appendix I Ricardo's Theory of Value.  

Appendix J The Doctrine of the Wages-Fund. 

Appendix K Certain Kinds of Surplus. 

Appendix L Ricardo's Doctrine As To Taxes and Improvements in Agriculture. 

Mathematical Appendix (PDF file; requires free Acrobat Reader plugin) Also available: download of raw TeX ASCII file. 

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Lausanne School

Vilfredo Pareto, 1848-1923

Marie-Ésprit Léon Walras, 1834-1910


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Non-competitive Economics”, 1882,  New Englander and Yale Review

Recent Theories of Wages”, 1883,  New Englander and Yale Review

The Moral Outcome of Labor Troubles”, 1886,  New Englander and Yale Review

Christianity and Modern Economics”, 1887, New Englander and Yale Review

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Knut Wicksell, 1851-1926


American Institutionalists

John Rogers Commons, 1862-1945

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Thorstein Veblen, 1857-1929

Why is Economics Not an Evolutionary Science

The Limitations of Marginal Utility

The Socialist Economics of Karl Marx - Part 1

The Socialist Economics of Karl Marx - Part 2

The Preconceptions of Economic Science - Part 1

The Preconceptions of Economic Science - Part 2

The Preconceptions of Economic Science - Part 3

Böhm-Bawerk's Definition of Capital

Fisher's Capital and Income

Fisher's Rate of Interest

Theory of Business Enterprise

The Theory of the Leisure Class

The Vested Interests and the Common Man

The Barbarian Status of Women

The Beginnings of Ownership

Higher Education in America

Imperial Germany and the Industrial Revolution (1915)

The Irksomeness of Labor

The Engineers and the Price System


Karl Polanyi, 1886-1964

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Keynesian Revolution

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Harold Innis

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Monetarists & Positivists

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Rational Expectationalists

Post-Revolutionary Economics

The 'New' Economics plus Behavioural, Cultural (AEA Z000), Evolutionary, Experimental, Game Theory, Managerial Economics, et al

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